Musical Director

Cate Kelly - Singing for me is one of my favourite things to do. By joining Spirit of the South, I have made many good friends who share my appreciation for our style of music. I began singing with my previous chorus as a Tenor (that’s the high part) and in a quartet where I took the Lead. I am currently the Musical Director for Spirit of the South, a role which is challenging but very enjoyable and rewarding.

The Tenor Section

Chris Roberson -

I have been singing in various choruses for the past 26 years. I really love singing with other people and wouldn't like to sing on my own. Hearing the blend of different voices when singing a cappella is great.

Sam - inset


The Lead Section


Joy Hastilow (left) -

After 25 years of choral singing, I found the joy and friendship of barbershop in 2005. As one of the founder members of Spirit of the South, I’ve been Events Co-ordinator since its beginning. As a Lead I usually have the luxury of the tune. I especially enjoy the range of music we sing- and value and appreciate the support and friendship of my lovely singing friends.

Karen Moody (center) -

I’ve always loved singing and finally did something about it 10 years ago when I joined a chorus for a Learn to Sing course. Now I am singing with my second chorus and generally sing the lead part. Singing just makes you feel happy.

Joy Lloyd (right) -

I started singing with Spirit of the South in 2008, prior to that I spent 2yrs with another chorus I have thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful experiences we have had - it’s a great hobby and being part of such a lovely group of girls is so rewarding.

Gill Locke - inset left

Believing that I didn't have a voice I was encouraged "have a go" by my cousin, who at that time was a member of Spirit of the South. I have now been with the chorus for about four years and I sing as a lead. It is great fun, and good for the soul.

Linda - inset right

The Baritone Section

Rosemary Dight (left) -  

I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t music in my home. My mother’s family were all musical and her mother a trained singer who would summon everyone to a musical get-together every Christmas.  Everyone had to perform their party piece and the standard was high. When I became a teacher, I tried to make sure that I sang with the children every day as it is good for memory training as well as general health and well being. I hadn’t sung for some time before I joined Spirit of the South and soon realised how much I had missed it.  I enjoy the challenge of learning  a new song and hearing the blend of voices in four part harmony.

Jean Lambert (center) -

I joined SOS in 2011 as soon as I had finished treatment for Breast Cancer.
I had not done any choral singing since school and college choirs but always wanted to get back to it. That seemed the ideal time for me. I had a warm welcome from the Chorus and the first piece that I had to learn was the Bass part for “ On the Boardwalk “ I managed that, but decided that Bass was just too low for me, so joined the Bari section instead. The lovely Baris gave me so much help at the beginning that I quickly became confident in the tuneful harmonies that our part has even though everyone  says that they have the notes that nobody else wants !! However, I have been there ever since.

Jackie Stanley (right) -

I am one of the founder members of Spirit of the South which started in April 2008 but had been involved with Barbershop Singing in another chorus since 2002. I sing in the Baritone Section which I enjoy as the harmonies are often lovely.


The Bass Section

Sandy Strawn (left) -

I have been singing Bass with our chorus for about 10 years. I absolutely love the tone, the precision, and also the confidence that it has installed in me. Best decision ever made.

Diane Stead (center) - 

Hello, I'm Diane and I sing in the Bass section. I particularly enjoy Christmas time with the chorus. We sing a lovely mixture of traditional carols and Christmas songs at local venues. I find singing good for my posture, blood pressure and well being.

Joan Fell (right) -

I have enjoyed singing barbershop since I joined a local club in 1985. I love the challenge of learning new songs and the friendships I have made.



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